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The Archie Collection

Handcrafted in England

Archie is all about personality... From concept, through design and build, to finishing, every stage is influenced by personality.


The design is an expression of the designers self, influenced by other people, objects and environments. Archie is inspired by the trestle desk and influenced by industrial machines and structures. These influences are brought together by the designers vision to broaden the perspective of others and create a stunning innovative design.


Each desk is individually handcrated, shaped by the heart and soul of the maker. Hundreds of processes are involved in building each desk. Each has its own imperfections giving each piece its character and every slice of wood has a unique charm.


The final word is yours. A chance to put your personal stamp on the desk to help it fit into your world - you decide what you want and I help you achieve it. Bold colour, friendly colour, dark wood, light wood, whats your style?


Be a part of it... from the start.