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The Archie Collection

Handcrafted in England

In the workshop: The Archie Bar Stool

By Adam, Nov 12 2013 06:26PM

In the workshop we are currently building 3 special edition Archie Bar Stools ready for the launch of the design at the Interiors UK show, 19th-22nd January at Birmingham NEC. We will be exhibiting at the show for the first time and these stools will display the bespoke nature of our work.

The aim was to create a construction that challenged the physical properties of the materials whilst maintaining the natural curves and signature industrial styling that runs throughout the Archie Collection. The elegant steel blade is cut by hand and shaped around a wooden former (shown below). Two of the steel blades are laminated with thin strips of wood to create the main support and combining the properties of the materials.

We have been making wooden seats from 3 different timbers to both compliment and contrast the steel blade. The wood is carefully selected and then goes through a number of processes to shape and finish each seat. The wooden seats are sleek, comfortable and long lasting, finished in a lacquer to protect and preserve the wood.

The steelwork for each stool will be finished with one-off paint jobs exclusive to the show. We use an exciting selection of colours with different timbers to suit different environments. The two pack paint provides a durable finish that makes our furniture suited to both indoor and outdoor use.

To find out more about the show please visit

For any enquiries about the stools including ordering please contact us at: [email protected]

Get ready for the launch!

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